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1 February 1967
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aka Muadhnait aka Shannerz...
Eclectic Celtic Pagan following a Druid path, just starting to work on the DP program in ADF. Also a member of the Solitary Sig, Brighid's Sig, Safe Haven Sig, Order of the Crane, Healers Guild, Seers Guild, Foireann Mhorrigan, and Clann na nGael: Gael Kin.

I still don't know how to work my cell phone or my mp3..erm...4 player...I become physically ill when my computer pops up with a printer error...lol I have empty nest syndrome. My youngest son Cody passed away on 12/25/2008 at 15 1/2 years of age, my son Mason turned 18 in November of 2009 and moved to Arizona to live with his Aunt and Uncle, and my 23 year old daughter Allison lives at my mom's, so it's just me and my nearly 4 year old male tuxedo cat, Furgus.